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July 05, 2020 3 min read

Living an active lifestyle means that you cannot avoid balls, from exercise balls to those involved in sports. These inflatable fitness equipment require regular maintenance.

Their excessive usage can deflate them to some degree which will reduce their effectiveness. For that specific reason, check out this dual-action pump as well as five reasons why you should try this product out.

Complete Set

Dual-Action Pump

This pump has everything you need for your sports maintenance. It even includes the needles that you need to insert into the balls for inflation. There is already one needle that is installed at the tip of the pump so that you can use this product right away. The kit also comes with two spare needles in case one of the original needles break.


As aforementioned, balls can release air over time. This happens when you frequently use the balls for sports and exercising. A pumpis a must-have for maintenance as it keeps your sports and exercise balls in top shape. 

Dual-Action Pump

As you use the pump, make sure to check the pressure per square inch (psi) of the ball so that you will reach the optimal level. The typical psi for basketballs is between 8.5 to 15.6 psi. This varies from ball to ball so it is best to consult the manual for the proper measurements.

Effortless Pumping

This dual-action pump delivers twice the amount of air. This means that the effort you exert can be reduced to half. Normal pumps have a limit in terms of the air that they can pump. That means you get tired so much faster.

You can say goodbye to that problem with this Fitness Factor Dual-Action Pump. The designers of the product were able to achieve this by sealing the piston of the pump on both ends of the cylinder. There is one valve chamber above the piston and then another one below it.

The presence of both chambers means that all of your actions will emit air. Once you pump the piston downwards, you can get air for that. The same goes when you pull the piston upwards. This sets this pump apart from the rest because ordinary pumps only eject air when pushed downwards and none when pulled upwards.

Easy To Use

Dual-Action Pump

This pump is very easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the safety guide on how to operate it. Lubricate the needle first before inserting it into the air valve of the ball. Doing so will guarantee a smoother entry. Failure to lubricate can scratch or tear the flap of the valve. This can also lead to needle breakage.

Next, refer to the pressure specifications of the ball you wish to inflate. That shall be your basis for how many pumps you will need to do. The pressure specification is usually printed on the manual of the ball or in small letters near the opening of the air valve of the sports ball.

Begin pumping using this dual-action pump. Make sure to keep one hand on the needle as you go. This will keep the needle in place and will prevent breakage. A moving needle can also damage your ball through scratches and tears. Make sure to keep a close eye on the pressure reading so that you won’t risk damaging your ball by pumping too much air inside. Use a pressure gauge or stop when the ball feels firm enough. Pull out the needle once done. Clear the lubrication before storage to ensure that the needles won’t get eroded over time.


Another redeeming factor to this pump is its versatility. Did you know that you can use it for all sorts of sports balls, from basketball to volleyball? You can also use it to inflate your yoga ball. It can tend to any inflatable fitness item that needs maintenance. The needles can fit into any 

Overall, this dual-action pump is a worthy investment that should be a part of your gym equipment maintenance kit.



Bianca Roma de Leon
Bianca Roma de Leon

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