5 Advantages To Using The Fitness Factor Jumprope

5 Advantages To Using The Fitness Factor Jumprope

Looking for an easy and convenient way to get a workout in? Try using a jump rope. There are countless benefits to it. It is great for boosting your agility, getting your heart rate up, and engaging the different areas in your body.



Excellent Cardio Workout



Jump rope



Looking for a way to spice up your heart rate while working out? Try using a jumping rope. It is an effective tool for doing cardio workouts which is essential for burning fat as well as for improving your cardiovascular health. Research shows that your body can burn up to ten calories per minute of skipping rope. The activity also engages so many different parts of your body like your legs, shoulders, butt, and arms

Adjustable Jump Rope

One great thing about the Fitness Factor Jump Rope is its adjustability. The length of the rope can be adjusted to cater to your needs. It will not be too long nor too short for you as it can be adjusted to perfectly suit your height and preferences. This also means that anyone can borrow your jump rope and simply adjust the length of the rope to their preferences.



Jump rope



The primary reason why jump roping is a crowd favorite is because of its portability. It is a simple exercise routine that you can do wherever you are on the globe, whether you are just in your bedroom or you are traveling. It is a convenient way to get good exercise in. Skipping rope does not require a large space or any bulky equipment to challenge your body. This is perfect for individuals who are always on the go. The product is very light so it will not weigh you down. It even comes with a carrying pouch that keeps it contact and protects the rope from anything that can damage or stain it.

Excellent Performance

One thing that sets this jump rope apart from the rest is its tangle-free feature. You can jam this into your bag and still be able to enjoy it immediately after you pull it out because of its tangle-free feature. The thin nylon rope is light enough to ensure that you can perform a speedy jump rope routine. Its lightness is more receptive to the movements of your hands and arms. It is not like those bulky and airy jump ropes that do not effortlessly follow your gestures.

This also means that you can jump rope at your own pace. You can go as fast as you can for intense workouts and this jump rope can still keep up with it. The effortlessness of it all means fewer strains on your wrists and arms. You do not have to bend your wrists at a certain angle or apply an excessive amount of pressure just to loop the jump rope over your head.




Your safety should be your utmost priority when you are jumping rope. Believe it or not, accidents are very likely once you fail to use the proper workout equipment. A jump rope can be a tripping hazard for you. Other ropes that require more effort to use can strain your wrists and cause long-term discomforts.

How To Jump Rope Correctly

The proper form and posture must be adapted when skipping with a jump rope. That is why you must learn how to jump rope correctly. This light rope is perfect if you want to work on your agility and skill in jump-roping. The way to do this is simply to loop the rope over your head and under your feet repetitively. Always keep your arms relaxed on your sides and a little bit bent at the elbows. This position grants you more freedom to move so that your wrists won’t get strained. 



Jumping rope




Keep your knees slightly bent. Remember than you don’t need to jump too high to be able to jump rope. You only need to lightly lift your feet from the ground, just enough to let the rope pass through. You do not have to rotate your entire arms to make the rope loop. Centralize the movements to your wrists. You will feel the strain at first but you will get stronger wrists over time. 

You should also keep in mind to go slowly. It is an unreasonable expectation to set for yourself to be able to do a thousand skips in one go. Start with thirty skips per set and then gradually increase the number of skips as the weeks go by.

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