HIIT Training Guide For Beginners

HIIT Training Guide For Beginners

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HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It is believed to be an efficient way to burn off calories and to lose weight. As the name implies, it combines high-intensity training with frequent intervals. The strenuous exercise will spike up your heart rate while the intervals will make it drop. The repetitive rise and fall are said to be more effective in burning off calories than normal-paced workouts. This is also a popular workout trend because you get so many calories burned off in such a short amount of time.

Another reason why HIIT is such a favorite is that it still lets your body burn off fat even after you have left the gym. It kicks starts your metabolism and sustains it so that you can still burn calories long after you are done with your workout.

There is no specific exercise regimen that you should follow in order to do HIIT. It can be any sort of exercise, from jogging to jump roping. The important thing to note is to do the exercise at full intensity for a few minutes, rest for a minute, and then do the circuit again, this time pushing harder. You can do as many repetitions as you can.

If you are unsure where to start, read this training guide for beginners so that you can effectively HIIT. You can modify the exercises depending on your body goals, whether it be to boost your strength or your core endurance.

Jumprope HIIT

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Your regular jump rope can be modified into HIIT training. You can start with the beginner track, which is basically just jump roping for thirty seconds at high intensity. Do as many skips as you can in those thirty seconds and then rest for thirty to ninety seconds. As you go through your training, make sure to lessen the amount of time you rest. Do as many cycles as you can while making gradual improvements. For starters, you can do five to ten circuits.

Another exercise modification you can do is by engaging your core. This routine burns fat while building and toning your abdominal muscles. Do thirty seconds of high knees, ten seconds of rest, thirty seconds of mountain climbers, ten seconds of rest, thirty seconds of jumping rope, ten seconds of rest, and so on. Repeat the circuit two to three times. You can also incorporate other core exercises like ball pushups and planks.

There are many more modifications you can do to improve your HIIT jump rope routine. You can try a full-body workout between the jump roping sets. You can also do complicated tricks on the jump rope, like double-unders or foot-crosses. All of these tricks can be achieved with a premium quality jump rope and consistent practice. Check out the Fitness Factor adjustable jump rope to accomplish the optimal jump rope HIIT workout.

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Even running can be transformed into a HIIT workout. This is perfect for you if you wish to burn off fat without the need for any exercise equipment or accessory. All you need is yourself, some good running shoes, and a place to run. You can do this on the treadmill as well.

The first step is to identify your running pace. This is different for everyone. The ideal pace is the one that gets your heart rate up to eighty to ninety percent of your maximum heart rate. It is not advisable to go for a pace that is too challenging that your body will immediately succumb to exhaustion or fatigue then you will be unable to repeat the circuit.

Create your own personal range of running pace, from zero to ten. Zero means being completely immobile while ten is the fullest speed and exertion. Sustain your running pace somewhere between eight and nine. Run for a full minute and then rest for thirty to ninety seconds. Repeat the circuit for as many times as you like. Make sure to gradually increase the intensity over time, whether it be through shortening your rest time or by increasing the number of circuits you accomplish per session.

Weighted HIIT Workout

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This is a variation that you can do if you happen to have exercise equipment or a gym membership. This still follows the format of pushing at top intensity for about thirty seconds, taking a ten-second break, and then doing the same circuit for as many times you like. The theory is to get a short break just so you can catch your breath but the break isn’t long enough for your heart rate to slow down. Keeping your heart rate elevated will make your body burn off more calories. 

Some of the high-intensity weighted training exercises you can do include dumbbell goblet squats, bent over rows, renegade rows, dumbbell lunges, and dumbbell bench press. Perform about ten reps of ten sets with thirty-second breaks in between.


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