The Amazing Benefits of the Cordless Jump Rope

The Amazing Benefits of the Cordless Jump Rope

The jump rope (or skipping rope) has firmly established itself as an instantly recognizable piece of exercise equipment around the world, bringing with it endless possibilities and benefits for cardiovascular workouts.

You've probably seen it everywhere from boxing movie training montages (looking at you Rocky) and people in the corner of the gym.

However, what if you took away the rope?

If you're not familiar with the cordless jump rope, this may sound a bit crazy. However, the cordless jump rope has enjoyed a rise in momentum recently due to some of the interesting benefits that its design brings.

This piece of sports equipment functions by simulating the movement of a regular jump rope by utilizing weights within its handles, allowing you to perform the same movements as you would if you were jumping with the conventional design, therefore gaining the same benefits.

So why buy a Cordless Jump Rope? What can it offer that the conventional design doesn't? Does it still give you the same benefits as a regular jump rope?

Let's have a look. 


One of the best things about a cordless jump rope is that its design allows it to slip into a number of different scenarios that are impossible or difficult for a conventional jump rope.

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have come across situations where they've had to stay at home for extended periods of time without access to their gym or regular fitness routine. This has led to many people getting creative with how they work out at home. 

A man holding the Cordless Jump Rope

The cordless jump rope allows you to work out in the tighter spaces in your home which normally wouldn't have space for a jump rope swinging back and forth. Skipping indoors can be a difficult process sometimes, as you don't want to hit any valuables or damage furniture.

Inside and outside the home, the cordless jump ropes give you more freedom to choose locations to work out. 

It Burns a Ton of Calories!

If you're jumping rope, you'll most often find that it's a really really effective method for burning calories. In fact, the publication Science Daily carried out a study that concluded that jumping rope for an hour can burn up to a massive 1300 calories!

Especially when you compare jumping rope to running, which is acknowledged as one of the best ways to burn calories, jumping rope can burn up to 25% more calories per hour.

The fact that it's a very efficient way to work out means you can save a lot of time and still get a good workout in as little as 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise. 


The cordless jump rope is extremely portable, which means that you can take it pretty much anywhere you want as long as you have a bag with you (or even large pockets!)

If you enjoy working out in outdoor settings, such as parks and beaches, it's incredibly easy to take your rope with you next time you go.

This makes it perfect for the busy individual that may not have a huge amount of time to work out or go to the gym every day but still wants to maintain their cardiovascular fitness levels. 

A man exercising with the Fitness Factor Cordless Jump Rope

This portability gives you the freedom to bust out a quick workout whenever you have a spare ten minutes, which can be an absolute lifesaver when you're extremely busy all day or traveling.

You won't have to worry about missing a call or a meeting so you can catch up on your fitness ever again!

It's a Full Body Workout

Spending some time with the cordless jump rope is an effective way to ensure that you're getting in a full-body workout with your cardio. Here are some of the muscle groups that benefit from this workout. 


For a muscle that sometimes gets neglected in a strength or muscle-building routine, the calves are the main muscle group that jump rope focuses on.

Over time it will build stability and power in your calf muscles, and who doesn't like the sound of that? 

Shoulders and Back 

Jump rope is not commonly thought of as a rigorous exercise for the shoulders and back.

However, if you're using a weighted jump rope (a feature many cordless jump ropes have), your shoulders and back will enjoy a significant workout. 


While the jump rope doesn't directly target the core muscles as much as the other groups, you'll still reap some benefits.

It's used for stabilizing the hips and pelvis while jumping, you'll be glad to know that due to rope jumping's effectiveness in burning stomach fat, it will reveal that six-pack you've built from your workout routine pretty quickly. 


As you'll be jumping quite vigorously with this workout, your legs are extremely hard at work.

Your quads, hamstrings, and glute muscles will all be pumping to ensure that your body is stable and you're carrying out the jumps correctly.

Training with a rope for extended periods of time will greatly improve your lower body strength and be advantageous for when you engage in other workouts such as running. 

Improve Bone Strength

Jumping rope frequently helps enormously for developing and maintaining good bone mineral density.

As we get older, our bones start to deteriorate as we lose the important calcium and minerals necessary for structural integrity in our bones, putting us at higher risk for fractures and bone-related illnesses.

Every time you're jumping with your jump rope, your body is making contact with the ground and absorbing the impact. This causes your bones to adapt and become stronger over time as you continue to jump more and more.

It's also easier on your joints than running as when you're jumping both of your legs are absorbing the impact instead of just one at a time. So you can feel a bit more at ease about your joints after a long workout! 

Improves Coordination and Balance

Using the cordless jumping rope is an activity functioning in constant cycles that requires constant attention and coordination between your eyes, hands, and feet.

Due to the nature of the workout, you'll be glad to hear that your hand-eye coordination will greatly benefit from extended periods of time jumping rope.

As you're balancing your movements while jumping to ensure that you don't fall over you'll also develop your balance as well.

Thanks for reading all the way to this point, I'm glad you made it this far!

If you're thinking about grabbing this fantastic piece of fitness equipment for yourself, we have a cordless jump rope that i'm sure you're going to love.

We've put a lot of effort into this rope to make sure it's one of the best out there. Grab yours today.

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