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  • Movement Kickball with the Sport Pump
  • Playground Kickball
  • A Family enjoying the Movement Kickball at Home
  • Movement Kickball Being Used In A Fitness Studio
  • Playground Kickball
  • Playground Kickball
  • Instructions for how to use the Movement Kickball
  • Father and Son using the Movement Kickball
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Movement Kickball

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What separatesĀ our Movement Kickball from the others?

Our Kickball is designed to be the piece of sports equipment that never lets you down, on the field or at home.

It's made with the strongest, most durable materials available and constructed to the most rigorous standards to create a world-class quality kickball.

Designed to withstand intense use over time, it's built to last. Great for both kids and adults,Ā ourĀ Kickball is the standardized kickball size.

Get active and get kicking today!