Glide Through Summer: Unveiling the Magic of SUP with Boards

If you love showcasing your adventurous streak, and that too in water, you must be familiar with a SUP or a stand-up paddle board. These boards are the perfect gear if you are to glide smoothly on calm waters or conquer the waves in the middle of the sea.

However, if you are new to the world of water sports, then this blog post will give you an idea of why an SUP board is the best investment that a fitness or adventure enthusiast can make. If you wish to be spoiled for choice and get great discounts at the same time, it may be a good idea to visit the website of Maddle Boards.

SUP Boards: Your Best Friend While You Are in The Water

Before you can appreciate the utility of a SUP board, you must understand for what purposes these can be used. So, if you want to go racing, touring, or solo fishing in the waters, a SUP board will be useful. Likewise, if you want to go for an adventurous trip to the whitewater (formed by the bubbling of water at high speed at rapids or near waterfalls), a SUP board will be of help.

SUP boards are useful, but their utility improves manifolds if you are careful while choosing their make, the material with which they are made, etc.

The Solid And The Inflatable SUP Board

There are mainly two types of SUP boards if you are to categorize them on the basis of the rigidity or the hardness of the board. The first type is solid; they are usually made up of epoxy (the main body) and fiberglass (the outer covering). The second type of SUP boards are inflatable; that is, they have to be filled with air to give them the desired board-like shape. Each of these two types has its own set of pros and cons, and some are discussed below.

Performance Of The SUP Board

In terms of performance, that is, speed or in terms of the ability to stay strong against choppy waters, a solid SUP board outweighs an inflatable one. The solid boards are strong and more stable and are the best choice when you are out in the sea to win a race. Alternatively, if you want to stay afloat or catch the right wave while you surf, a solid SUP board is the best option. Also, if you are planning to stay in the water for a long duration, it is vital that you save energy so that you can perform well. With a solid SUP board, you need less effort to stay afloat or glide in the open waters.

The Dimensions And The Fit Of The SUP Board


The dimensions, that is, the length and the width of the SUP board, have to be in line with the weight of the person who is going to use it. A mismatch in the dimensions of the SUP board and the weight of the user can significantly reduce the efficiency of the performance and, in the worst-case scenario, can lead to an accident. So, if you weigh under 125 Pounds, the length and the width of the SUP board should be around thirty inches and ten inches, respectively.

Likewise, if you weigh between 125 and 150 Pounds, the length and the width of the SUP board should be around thirty-two inches and eleven inches, respectively. So, if you are new to the world of water sports, it is best to get expert advice before you choose the dimensions of the SUP board so that you can enhance your performance and glide safely when you are out in the waters.

As a rule of thumb, going for a solid SUP board gives you a whole lot of options when it comes to the fit. So, if getting the right fit is your top priority, go for a solid SUP board instead of an inflatable one.

Need For Buoyancy

A buoyant object is one that remains afloat on water or any other liquid. There are certain situations in which you need your SUP board to be buoyant. For instance, when you are gliding in the whitewater, you want your SUP board to handle obstacles better. So, if you want to get around obstacles easily, go with an inflatable SUP.

Easy To Carry

The ease of carrying something or the ease of traveling is another essential criterion that fitness enthusiasts keep in mind while purchasing an SUP. An inflatable SUP board is lightweight and easy to carry.

You deflate the SUP board while traveling and pump air in it when you need to use it. So, if you do not wish to carry a huge suitcase every time you travel, the inflatable SUP is the best buy for you. However, some of the solid SUPs can be lightweight, too. So, if you get your SUP to give optimum performance and be lightweight, at the same time, customize the SUP board. Solid SUP boards that are made up of carbon fiber are quite lightweight. However, carbon fiber SUP boards are quite expensive, and if you are on a tight budget, you may have to do with a plastic one.

Final Words


A SUP board is an essential gear for all water sports lovers. However, these can be used for some unconventional purposes as well. Some fitness enthusiasts use the SUP board for yoga practice as well. However, when you are out to buy a SUP board, pay close attention to its length and breadth.

The dimensions of the SUP board should be in line with your own body weight. If you want the SUP board to give a solid performance, look for the material that it is made of; in most cases, a SUP board is quite affordable unless you get some extreme modifications made. However, more than the cost of the SUP board, it is the fit, safety, and ease of usage that matters. So, buy a SUP board that will optimize your performance and help you win races while you are gliding in the open sea.