Get Fit. Anywhere.

To be able to train anywhere will help you increase the frequency of your workout habits and will help you to reach yours goals. It will give you the motivation to do more in each day and not missing out on your session.

Let the gym come to you!

  • A Great Purchase!

    This ball was perfect for our needs!! I wanted a ball that was bouncy and had just the right amount of softness/hardness ratio. I have an adult daughter with special needs and I wanted a ball that would be easy for her to hold and roll and bounce to us. We didn't want one that was too hard because that might hurt her if it hit her (if she didn't catch it). She has small hands and I was a little worried about the size--but the size is perfect too. The ball was easy to blow up with the small pump and it has held up very well! I highly recommend this ball.
    Update--I just received our third ball! My daughter likes it so much and it has been so wonderful that we now have one not only at our home but at her brother's home and her supervised living home. A great ball!

  • Excellent customer service

    Please read this! My rope tangled and I was so frustrated, BUT if this happens please contact the seller!! When I left a poor review, Eric reached out to me proactively to try to help, he immediately responded to my complaint and was very nice. We figured out that the cord was hair pin looped in the handle and voila-it's fixed!! I've amended my review based on Eric's responsiveness and genuine desire to help me and make sure I was happy. Now it's a great jump rope and it wears me out. :)

  • Jumping rope again after 50 year layoff

    I'm 66 years old and TRIED to start jumping rope again with a piece of rope (imaging that). Couldn't get it together. It just didn't flow. My 11 year old grand daughter, who is on a jump rope team, talked me into buying a good jump rope. I couldn't believe the difference. Now I'm jumping again. She help me set the length right, which was so easy she figured it out by reading the directions. Helped me with my posture and wowwie -I'm jumping rope again. I had forgotten what a good workout it is. She wants to teach me some tricks. I need to get to 100 jumps first without stopping. The shape of the handles help me hold them correctly and comfortably. The bearings help the rope spin freely. I have not had any tangles.

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